ask me anything

  1. TheGIngerQueen

    150 sub Q&A!

    For my 150 sub special, I want to do a Q&A video. I am 6 subs away from 150, so I figured I should get my questions now. If you send in a question, I'll give you a shout out and add the links to your channel in the description.
  2. Julius Gacgacao

    Q and A: Ask me anything?

    I'm gonna do a Q and A in about 2 weeks. So anyone ask me any question.
  3. Majerecarn

    Need Q&A Questions!

    Okay so if you haven't yet been on my channel, then I do (or try to do) weekly Q&A videos! With so many Q&A videos to be made, I need even more questions! Normally my past videos have had averagely 4/5 questions, however, I want to make this next one a big one, with at least maybe 15/20...
  4. Lightsen

    I can't believe it... 50,000 subscribers! :D + AMA

    I've been on youtube for almost all of youtube's existance, but lately the channel has been gaining speed. 50 thousand subscribers is a number I never thought I could reach ever in a millenium. I want to thank you all here for your support, kind words, and advice, I know some of you here have...