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  2. ZaxTheNoob

    Gaming Looking for SEA/Asia Youtube Friends

    I love creating gaming videos and currently doing solo commentary videos. I would love to meet new people who are from the SEA/Asia region doing gaming videos as well! I am 20 and would be great if we can make videos together (if we have the games). Good quality microphone and such would...
  3. wontonadventures

    Suggestions for new youtuber- wontonadventures?

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the youtube scene! I enjoy travelling and I wish to share my adventures with everyone! I occasionally do magic tricks as a hobby too! Please peruse through my channel (it only has 1 video so far) and offer suggestions and recommendations on how I can improve. Thank you...
  4. Samuel Jedidiah A. Uy

    Gaming Gaming Collab [SEA]

    Hello guys! Im GetZ. Im a student and I am a Filipino. I spoke good inglis becos may pamili is ingles I dun hab dos pelepeno aksent *kappa. I would like to find people that would like to do a collab with me. Im 15 and im looking for teens within the same age group. I currently have 11...
  5. S

    Gaming (PC) Black ops 3 and other games COLLAB

    My name is Sat, im 15 and i live in Asia. I am looking for some people to collab with. It would be cool if we made a gaming group. We will help each other and give some feedback and grow together. If you are interested to collab then contact me on skype (sattika7) My subscribers count is round...