1. celian

    I'm making an SEO online tool USING AI ! (And I need beta testers)

    Hello everyone, I am excited to share with you about the online tool I have been developing for Youtube SEO and A/B testing. The tool is based on AI and my primary goal while building it has been to create a simple and effective solution for optimising YouTube channels and helping creators grow...
  2. Chazilicious

    Setting up a new channel

    Sorry for such a noob sounding question. I set up my YT account fifteen or sixteen years ago and back then, you’d create a “personal” account/channel and then create other channels that were connected to that. I did that; created a personal channel, then set up a channel to showcase my...
  3. PvtPsycho

    Review of my Game Trailer

    I would like to get some feedback on a trailer I made recently over a new app! Specifically I’m looking for thoughts and improvements on the following: Video production, audio production, editing style, thumbnail, Overall ‘vibe’ of the video! Thank you for the feedback!
  4. X

    Are mobile games a thing to be done?

    Hi there! I just started a gaming channel and i plan on doing some of everything eventually but right now i lack time and space to record pc and console gameplay so i have started with mobile games on the ytgaming app. Is there any potential growth there? I'm starting there but should i continue...
  5. UnboxingSve

    Build your own logo and intro over phone apps

    Hello everybody, Recently I found out about these two apps for mobile phone which can be very useful for new youtube channels that cannot afford to pay for logo design or some intro. These two apps I find very easy to use so everybody can handle them. There are many apps like these available...
  6. M

    Endscreen annotations on mobile?

    Hey everyone I just uploaded a video and added the newly featured endscreen to it (which I was told works on the youtube app as well), apparently that's not so, as the end screen annotations are not showing up when I watch the video on my phone :unsure: Was I misled when I was told that it also...
  7. O

    How does YouTube gaming app display videos?

    I'm confused how YouTube gaming app selects what videos to show. If I type in my YouTube channel in the gaming app nothing shows up but Adele shows up for some songs of hers put to minecraft but the category is music and my videos under the category music doesn't show up. Is it based on tags...
  8. Mattaxol

    What do you use to record? (Gamers)

    What do you use to record, edit etc and what settings/misc... I use OBS 720p60fps, and I edit with Sony Vegas Pro 13. I also use an app called NoiseGator that actively removes background noise by adding a noise gate. Great app :) What do you use to record/edit? Any discrete/uncommon apps to...
  9. sickmind33

    Free software for making graphics? You got it!

    People keep asking, so I'm making a topic yall can reference from now on. I got this list from an artist site. If there are any other programs I missed, comment below and I shall add them. NOTE: Some of these might not be free anymore. If that's the case, let me know. GIMP...
  10. O

    Free Teleprompter

    Is there an app for the iPad that lets me use a teleprompter? I want to place the iPad on a stand and read off of it while I film for certain skits.
  11. Travi5

    Heartbeat | Google Chrome App for YouTube

    If you have not already heard of this app for the chrome browser I'd highly recommend giving it a go. It is a really cool addition allowing a few new features to be accessible on YouTube, My Favorite being able to see Tags used on any video which could help with Search listings SEO ect to help...