1. CuriousGeorge

    YouTube Analytics API - does anyone use it to record CTR?

    Hey there, fellow YTers, YouTube Studio gives us a lovely interface that lets us graph 'Impressions' and/or 'impressions click-through rate' over time - a brilliant solution for snapshot analysis: In an effort to optimize the thumbnail making process (aka understand what our audience is...
  2. SeanFace101

    Floating Particles After API Accu-Clear Aquarium Treatment

    The Effects of API Accu-Clear Treatment on my Fish Tank After Use... This is the after effects of the API Accu-Clear water treatment in my Marina 60 Aquarium. Accu-Clear is added to the water to treat cloudy water and help filter usage, when added, the solution clumps together all the small...
  3. FraYoshi

    subscription's feed?

    Would be cool having a feed of our subscription actions!! Would't?? I'd love to have a sit and watch what my subscriptions do around the YouTube!! Anybody know if there's some API that do this? Because we can see it goin' on their personal youtube channel but I don't really know if there's...