1. WarriorDan

    Bioware "Laser-Focused" on Damage Control in 2022! [GAMING NEWS]

    Bioware general manager Gary McKay recently put out a press release reaffirming that Bioware is currently "Laser-Focused" on restoring their image as a dedicated developer interested in producing high-quality triple-A RPG titles moving forward. However, given that Bioware is still owned by EA...

    Gaming Looking for a 5th team-member! 18+ EU (Potential pay involved)

    Hi! I'm the lead on a ongoing project called Guns of Anthem. We are in Twitter Facebook and YouTube if you want to see our content. We just released the first episode of our new live-show called the "GO.Live Gaming Podcast" which should be available on ITunes any day now and is accessible on...

    Gaming Starting a serious gaming community/business

    Hi, fellow YouTube enthusiast! My name is Christian Karström, I'm a family man, I live in Sweden and I'm 27. I've done YouTube for 3 years in the past an had a peak at 500k+ views per month. I left that channel for a few months due to personal reasons but now I want to get back to it in a bit...