animation videos

  1. Yasas Perera

    Animation Looking for a decent animator to make content for a kids channel with 50k Subs

    I have an old account which doesnt generate much of ad revenue currently yet has a steady subscriber base of 50k+. Looking for a animator who's willing to spare a couple of hours a day to make some decent animations/stop motion and I'm willing to share 50:50 from the ad revenue we are gonna earn...
  2. Techicvi

    Request Free animated opening video!!!

    I'm looking for someone to create a animated video to open my channel ... someone who doesn't mind it being free would be great !!!!! You will get a shout out and a link to your channel/website in the description of the video
  3. carlo202

    I need a good artist for my animations

    I need someone to help me with the drawing for my animations, I will do the animation and editing but I need someone to draw things like the characters and the backgrounds etc If you think you can help comment on my YouTube channel I need someone who can draw like this

    Finished/Closed [Free] I need someone to do minecraft animation for free

    I'm not a good animation and i want to make a "movie". It not a movie like a 1 hour. I a 30-50 mine scary Minecraft animation "movie" Also i don't have money so i some to do it for free Skype: Noobz Nationz
  5. remeus

    Here is my first animation... Can you please review?

    Hi everyone; I was making videos for kids but i bored opening surprise eggs manually on a desk :down: I try to learn animation in my free times and here is the first animation video of my life. My channel is an education channel for kids. Can you please review? I will be happy for that. :smug: