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    Outlast 2 | I Found The Devil

    The wait is over Outlast 2 is finally here, this is part one where we get the story on how we ended up on creepy Arizona where insane cult people live, as a dedicated report we investigate a report and realize we have made a big mistake as we have to deal with the devil himself. Outlast 2 | I...
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    Dreadout: Keepers Of The Dark | Let's Play Hide and Seek With Ghosts

    Let's play a friendly game of hide and seek with ghosts, I mean what's the worst that could happen? welcome to DreadOut: Keepers of the Dark this time we take on the spirits or ghosts of room 105. we explore this strange looking village that has a creepy girl, a larger than life ghost and a very...
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    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One

    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One Very cool indie game where we pretty much shoot monsters, zombies and a lot of creepy crawlies that are intent on killing everyone and everything on their way, it's up to us to take these things down. This was a game request from the...
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    WHAT IF GOOFY WAS EVIL | Bendy and the Ink Machine: Chapter 2 The old Song (Scary Mickey Mouse Game)

    Bendy is back with Bendy And The Ink Machine Chapter 2: The Old Song. this time bendy steps it up a notch, we now have to deal with Ink Monsters, some very cool songs, amazing puzzles and Evil Goofy (Boris) the mystery only keeps getting worse. Last time we played Bendy and the Ink Machine we...
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    Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy - Meet The Team (Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue)

    This is Episode 1: Tangled Up In Blue Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy a Telltale Series we will see the full game which is about 1 hour and 30 minutes but i am making 15 minute videos this is part 1 of those videos. stay tuned for the upcoming videos in this part 1 we meet the guardians, help...
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    ShipYard Of Horror | Husk Gameplay #5

    In this Husk Gameplay we continue from the creepy cave, now that we turned off the generator it's gonna be much scarier traveling and trying to find a way out, we also reach a mysterious lighthouse, an abandoned home with a strange history and a shipyard filled with horror and enemies waiting to...
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    Inside: Finale | They're All Dead (Part 1)

    This is part 1 of Inside an awesome indie puzzle adventure game, we are very close to finding the secret or what is actually going on in this place. we see some awesome puzzles in this one along with riddles and other things that make this an amazing and funny gameplay. INSIDE Hunted and...
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    Puzzles Hate Me | DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead

    Hi guys we can finally continue with DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead, thanks to the developer that helped us out so much and fixed our problem, sadly we run into another problem....the puzzles hate me, find out why the puzzles hate me in this gameplay About DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead...
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    Is This The End? | DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead

    Hello everybody today we continue with DeadTruth The Dark Path Ahead, even though we seem to know what to do, we still have issues finding the way to go. it's dejavu all over again from last episode and i go crazy on the game, the developers, maybe i am wrong, maybe i am right but the...