1. Skulletgirl

    6 Years on Youtube and an Amazon GC Giveaway!

    Hey guys. I haven't been the most active on YT lately but I plan to get more consistent and have more fun with my channel. I post a video today about my 6 years on YT and I am also giving away a $50 GC ( worldwide entries accepted ) It's a short 3 minute video if you are interested in checking...
  2. D

    Published, offers restricted

    Hello, This has nothing to do with YouTube but Amazon Video Direct. Does anyone publish through them? They recently removed 80% of our content from prime not a work said about it just Published, offers restricted . They did it to a lot of small independent filmmakers. Boycott amazon video...
  3. OndaWire

    Is Google Listening?

    Is @Google listening? Ever since @amazon has been in the news for listening to our conversations, my phone's voice dictation has not been the same. Check out this 2 minute quick video and tell me your thoughts. #tech #news #technews #review
  4. OndaWire

    Best portable flash drive on the market!

    This video review is on the Kingston 64gb data traveler usb 3.0 flash drive. Follow me on YouTube at "OndaWire" for more cool tech reviews and if you want to see a personal side of me outside of making these reviews, you can find me Instagram and Twitter at, "TheRealOndaWire". If you want a...
  5. OndaWire

    Buyer Beware! Don't say I didn't tell you

    People always ask me if I ever review products that are gimmicky. Well here is the new review and man the marketing of this product was brilliant, BUT the product, at best, mehhhh! Follow me at "OndaWire" on YouTube & Facebook for more honest, unfiltered reviews on cool gadgets & other tech devices!
  6. The NotARubicon!

    Youtube vs Amazon Prime

    I'm curious if anyone else has tried Amazon Prime as an alternative to (or in addition to) Youtube? In the last month we've released 5 videos on Amazon. Four of them are free to view for all Amazon Prime members, and are also on Youtube. The other one is only on Amazon and is available for...
  7. OndaWire

    New video is out and *Feeling GOOD*

    Tired of boring unboxing videos? I test drive everything!!! Take a chance and watch :)
  8. Scotty Byrd

    Will Amazon KIll Youtube

    recently amazon has trademarked the term amazontube ! So youtube may be finished depending on how amazon markets its however lets be honest with the ad crisis its highly likely most creators who aren't already striving on youtube are going to be jumping ship! i currently only have 130 subs so if...
  9. TechFit360

    The All New 2nd Gen Amazon Echo | Review

  10. CKid

    How To Setup The Amazon Echo Show | Was This Worth My Money

  11. TBCompilations

    Can You use your YouTube channel as a website for Amazon Affiliates?

    I dont have a separate website, because up keeping them is a hassle, and I don't want the burden of another monthly payment for something I don't use. I recently was brought to the attention of Amazon Affiliates and I think it is perfect for my YouTube channel, to promote things I talk about...
  12. CoreyPlays

    Ordered Astros and got something else...

    Join me as I get something from Amazon that has nothing at all to do with what I ordered lol I promise you will laugh.
  13. SlayerXtR

    The Creator Critic - Amazon Vs YouTube! Amazon's AVD Program

    This video is where I talk about Amazon's new program called Amazon Video Direct. They are basically moving into the YouTube game and looking to pay BIG. Will it work or will it flop? Watch the video to see my thoughts on this subject.
  14. SeanFace101

    Amazon Associates! (What Youse Think About It?)

    What do youse think about Amazon's affiliate program, Amazon Associates? I am a member of it and earned £11 odds so far, not enough to do a withdrawl yet :P Has anyone hear earned of good money from it from their channel / videos? (or at all infact?)
  15. LionWaffles

    Tech reviewers' comments... spam. (Waffles YT Tips #3)

    So alot of YouTubers such as MKBHD, Austin Evans, LinusTechTips, etc. have comments like this: Person Wow this product is amazing! Check it out: What you don't know is: They are actually Amazon referral links... and you guessed it! They get money. But how much? Let's...