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    1000 subs in 2 months!

    Every time I get a milestone, I end up posting here to thank everybody who's supported me. I felt that I was perhaps doing it too often, but I think this milestone is worth it. Two months ago, when I first created my channel, I secretly hoped to reach 1000 subs in April. It may have been...
  2. AMaazing

    500 subs in 49 days!

    Wow! Around 10 days ago, I said that I would post again after I achieved that 500 subs milestone. Never did I think I would be back this quickly! I'm so, so grateful to everybody here and in the animation communities for helping me get to this stage. Let's see if I can rise in the future...
  3. AMaazing

    300 subs... after 40 days?

    I can't actually believe I've reached this far. Almost a month ago, I started AMaazing Animations with full intention of growing it into something that can introduce me to new people. However, I never expected it to go this far, this quickly. Thank you. Thank you to everybody in YTTalk who've...