1. J

    About Affiliate links

    if my video has affiliation links in the details section, should i check the option "My video contains paid promotion like a product placement, sponsorship, or endorsement" ? "
  2. P

    Get Monetized With these easy steps

    Getting Monetize on YouTube is not as hard as it is said to be All you need is a good niche and trending video Now the fastest way to get approved for Monetization is to get into YouTube Automation They are currently the latest trend now Don’t know where to start?? I got you!! click here to...
  3. PacoGames

    Gaming Gaming website | You mention us, we will share your video with our users + pay you for referred users

    Hi, I operate PacoGames gaming website with free browser games (1M+ monthly active users) My goal is to increase the user base through increased awareness of the web. I think cooperation with you could help in this, moreover within a mutual benefit for both us. I have summarized it into a...
  4. U

    YouTube friendly affiliate programmes? single line links

    Hiya, I notice there are lots of affiliate sites that are easy to join up to but after spending forever setting them up I then find the links provided are in several lines of html code (even if you specify a 'text link') which is useless as code is designed for inserting in websites rather than...
  5. fatisis

    Amazon Affiliate Links on YouTube Description

    I think I'm in the right section and I want to ask if I can put amazon affiliate links on my description on YouTube. I've seen others doing it. Am I violating any terms of service? They say that you should check this: Content declaration This video contains paid promotion such as paid product...
  6. KiddieToysReview

    Anyone run a channel in a high affiliate commission vertical?

    I came across several channels talking about bitcoins, bitcoin trading and cryptocurrency mining, that sort of stuff. Their descriptions are heavy in affiliate links, so are the comments. Some seem to have a community where they use each others' affiliate links, and help each other build income...
  7. Freddie Hill

    Best way to make money if you're a small/new channel

    Become an affiliate for a company, this means in simple terms that you get to select links from a company such as amazon for example and share these links so every time someone clicks and purchases the product from your link you receive 1-10% of the revenue. Go check out Amazon Affiliates, I've...
  8. DvApps

    Do I need to tell my audience that my video has an affiliate link?

    Hey, Recently a company reached out to me. They wanted me to make a video about their software and in return, they would give me an affiliate link. Do I legally have to tell my viewers that my video contains an affiliate link or is that just for sponsorships? Thanks!