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I operate PacoGames gaming website with free browser games (1M+ monthly active users)

My goal is to increase the user base through increased awareness of the web. I think cooperation with you could help in this, moreover within a mutual benefit for both us.
I have summarized it into a detail on a special webpage I cannot share here, so at least...

Here is a short summary:

1. PacoGames will get more famous for your viewers through your channel / social sites - your channel and videos will get accessible for Pacogames users on PacoGames
There are videos below individual games on PacoGames. If you record a video from that game, from which it will be clear that you played it on PacoGames, we will share your video on below the game. (you may get views and new viewers = brand awareness for you)

2. You have surely many videos and other content which is not related to PacoGames. However, even there we see that placing a link for free games for a free time or so may be possible. For that reason I offer affiliate program with a financial reward for referred users.
In a nutshell, anywhere you place a special link, all users who clicks the link are tracked and once meet certain minimum criteria (for option to prevent fake traffic and counting revenue) you will get financial reward for every reffered legit user. All is transparent, you have detailed information about every user and his behaviour as well as about rewards for users based on their country).

Few more information:
- simple to use
- absolute freedom - no requirements from our side
- transparency, you have detailed information about every user and his behaviour as well as about rewards for users based on their country through a panel.
- There is no minimum number of required subscribers, however we require quality videos. Also, if there is more video content for the same game, we may prefer displaying more popular video on first possition (there is possible to display more videos below a game)

If you are interested in, or you have any question, let me know through comments.
Hey there, I am interested in your plan ! Let me know what I have to do.

here're 2 steps in a nutshell
1) Mutual promo - you mention us, we mention you.
- When you record a video while playing any browser game (where it is clear you play it on PacoGames - verbal mention of PacoGames / display pacogames brand in the video / placed link in the description, or so), you can send us a link at this video + url of the game page (where you recorded it) and we will place your video (if it has sufficient quality) under the game on PacoGames. It will be visible for users who use the same language as used in the video.
Email where to send notification about your video is

2) Affiliate
We offer also special link you may place into video description, social sites, or any other your channel through which you communicate with your audience. The link allows track all users who clicked at the link (you referred their on PacoGames) + it tracks financial reward for all these referred users. We use GameArter's affiliate solution for this, so there is also need to register to GameArter for partners if you are interested in this option.
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