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  1. ResidualPirate

    Done broke the clock ! | Uncharted 4 A Thief's End PS4 Playthrough #12

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End playthrough #12 Feel free to like/comment/subscribe and let me know what you think Hope you enjoy and, as always, thanks
  2. AMX Gaming

    I Wasn't Ready | Little Nightmares #7

    Hello and welcome to Little Nightmares #7 as we do our best to escape from 1 chef now we have to face 2 of em, it won't be easy specially when i wasn't ready for what was ahead. we have exciting moments, scary chases new areas to explore and a whole lot of fun. Immerse yourself in Little...
  3. AMX Gaming

    Driving Lessons With Jack | Resident Evil 7 #4

    Hello everybody and Welcome to Resident Evil 7 Part 4. in this episode we meet a cop that due to his curiosity gets him killed, we also take driving lessons from Jack that don't go so well, we begin to find the keys to unlock rooms with goodies and have an encounter with Margaret. Resident Evil...
  4. AMX Gaming

    Somebody That I Used To Know | Resident Evil 7 #2

    Hi everybody and welcome to part 2 of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, we found Mia but there is something wrong, it seems like she is possessed by an evil spirit and she may now be somebody that i used to know, watch as it gets scary finding her and having her attack us. Get ready for scares, funny...
  5. AMX Gaming

    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One

    I'm A Zombie Hunter | Johnny Graves The Unchosen One Very cool indie game where we pretty much shoot monsters, zombies and a lot of creepy crawlies that are intent on killing everyone and everything on their way, it's up to us to take these things down. This was a game request from the...
  6. AMX Gaming

    How To Survive A Nuclear Holocaust | 60 Seconds! #1

    In this 60 seconds gameplay i will hopefully show you guys how to survive a nuclear holocaust, or die trying lol. this is a brand new series for us but it's gonna be a fun and exciting one as we take on the games different challenges and we do our best to keep the family safe, happy, healthy and...
  7. AMX Gaming

    Save Her | The Walking Dead: A New Frontier

    The walking dead a new frontier - This is the continuation of last time where we lost a valuable member, people were injured and we had to make a run for it in hopes that we can save here.
  8. AMX Gaming

    It's A Trap Double Dragon 4 (PC) Gameplay

    In this Double Dragon 4 Gameplay we take a look at a game which i played on the nes and loved, this new version on the pc is so beautiful and fun. along the way we fight enemies and learn that our girlfriend has been kidnapped, we must get her back, but we may have also been lured into a trap...
  9. Darthtux

    Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remastered Walkthrough Part 7 | THIS IS A NIGHTMARE! /w Darthtux

    It took me 1-2 hours to beat this level..... I thought it was a tutorial mission but it turned out to be a extremely hard CHALLENGE mission!!! Enjoy my frustration :D Thanks as always!
  10. KrizoGames

    Let's Play Jotun - Episode 5 (New Editing Highs)

    Hey everyone! Newest episode of my Jotun Let's Play is out and I'm pretty happy with my fancy edits in this one. What I'm going for is a kind of mix between roleplay-ish commentary and edits that enhance the video. Worked pretty hard on it and I think that this one turned out pretty good. Also...