acoustic cover

  1. Jack Swish


    D12 song called my band is covered one evening by Jack Swish acoustic and live of a song Eminem and his band did. This was the first time Jack had ever seen the lyrics and he just freestyled the song in his own style. "Changing a song completely is what covers are about" - Jack Swish (2015)...
  2. Jurrell Lewars-Munro

    Music Collab and Conquer

    Hi! I'm very new to the Youtube game, but not so new to playing music. It's been a passion of mine for years and I've finally found the motivation to make a youtube channel for it! I'd like to start out doing some collabs with people and I am very open to what genre, what song, and what...
  3. MattyGreen

    ADTR with 7 guitars!

    ADTR are one of the bands that got me into heavy music back in the day and each release has just gotten better and better. Common Courtesy is such a great album so being able to do an Acoustic Acapella version of this song has been awesome, enjoy! Free download...
  4. MattyGreen

    You're Gonna Go Far, Kid with 7 guitars

    For me, You're Gonna Go Far, Kid is one of songs that when you hear it, you can't help but repeat it about 10 times again. It's so addicting to listen too and it also works great as an Acoustic Acapella so here's that! I hope it makes The Offspring proud! Free download...
  5. Bethanyjbee

    Shut Up and Dance - COVER - Walk The Moon

    I really love this song so I thought I'd cover it! I hope I did it justice!