1. B

    Gaming 7 Days to Die players needed

    so my friends and i just setup our own 7 days to die server and now we are looking for people who want to play on it. We are all Youtubers/Twitch streamers with the majority of us being from UK. Add me on discord for more info or if u wanna join us
  2. Jammy951

    Gaming Looking for people to Collab with on pc for streams or videos

    Hey, I have got a discord group which is just a general gaming community but has a few streamers and youtubers but looking to increase that number. In the community we currently have two 7 days to die servers one for casual play and another that I am currently looking for members to join me with...
  3. B

    Gaming 7 Days To Die (PC) Collaboration

    There is about 3 of us so far who are going to be collaborating on this game, we even have our own server. Looking to add a few more people to the group of survivors so that we can have a bit more fun and build a strong base. Requirements: Good mic Have Discord Friendly Comment below or...
  4. SomeOneElse9898

    Gaming 7 Days to die Collab (UK)

    Hello there random people of the internet and I am SomeOneElse Gaming and I am looking for someone to play 7 days to die with, I am a big fan of 7dtd and I would love to play it on my channel but I am not a big fan of playing it on my own so that's why I am looking for someone to play it with...
  5. Dark2W

    Gaming 7 Days To Die (Server)

    Hey guys, basically I'm thinking about making a server or just buying one and I wanted to do a collab with some other people who have the game and a small or big channel just to have fun with. Maybe we can do 2 groups who are against eachother or just something. Requirements - 720p Videos - 25...