7 years

  1. Muzik Lover

    ✶✷✸ 7 Years - Lukas Graham (Guitar Cover)✸✷✶

    This is 7 years by Lukas Graham and its a beautiful song so i decided to cover it :dance: Tell me what do you guys think :happy: Please do subscribe if you wanna support me and see more of my content :bounce:
  2. TV Harmonies

    New Cover Ideas?

    So on or channel we like to do cover songs and our most recent is 7 Years by Lukas Graham and we always try to get advice on what songs to do next so if you can check out the video and let me know what other songs we should do ! Thanks so much ! :)
  3. TV Harmonies

    7 Years Ukulele Cover

    Hey everyone, this is my new cover on youtube and I'm fairly new to this and I'd love to get some feedback and comments ! Thank you all very much, I really appreciate it !
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