50 sub

  1. Chicken Tendies

    Channel Review

    A while ago I had my Channel reviewed and I had some really helpful feedback. Since then I like to think I have changed up my editing style and have some more funnier edits. The areas of feedback I feel I really need is Content, Thumbnails, and Channel design. I have thinking about renaming my...
  2. F

    Gaming Join my YouTube group free steam games

    Hey guys I have recently had an idea for a great group! This group allows you to go to the owners and get a free key this key will be steam games only but for free now you don't always get a chance on getting it. The way it works is a few days later you get the key and you record it and put it...
  3. Raid MusicHD

    I am in 50 Subs

    Hi everyone, Finally I reached 50 subs with 3.5 K views. I am lucky that there are few people like my content. I hope I can get 100 subs before new year :) now #roadto100subs
  4. Darren Taylor

    I just hit 50 subs :)

    I have been uploading for the last 7-8 weeks and I just hit 50 subs this morning! I had no idea gaining traction on YouTube was so tough (now I know better :D ) Really happy with how things are moving though, on to 100!
  5. Deathly Barb

    Made It To 50 Subscribers!!

    Hey guys I finally got to 50 subscribers and to make it special i made 2 videos to thank everyone!! If you don't know me, I am a 13 year old new Gaming youtuber currently I play Clash of Clans and Clash Royale but I'm open to any ideas! If you want to check me out on youtube and if you sub...
  6. Vivian King

    50 Subs!!

    I just hit 50 subs yesterday and I am so exited. This is the first milestone I have hit and I hope there are many more to come! My next goal is to hit 100 subs.
  7. officialjhalli

    50 subs!! Yay!!!

    Just reached 50subs... I never though I would... Guys, help me set some goals for the year end.. 3 months time... If I post like 1 video every week.. :-) Love you all... <3
  8. Eaglewolf Magic

    First check point, check! 50 subs WOOPWOOP :-)

    Alright folks it happend! And i' super happy, going to celebrate by training extra hard to day and upload an other video! :-) 50 people dig my magic enough to follow it haha! That's super cool! Thank you all in the comunity, you've really helped me reach this, I'm very thankful to you all! :-)...
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