2k subs

  1. A

    I hit 2K subs my first month on YouTube!

    Hey guys! I'm really happy because I posted my first video on my channel January 5 and I've uploaded 4 videos since and they've all hit at least 1K in views. My first vid has 79k views. I'm almost 50% of the way in watch time to being able to apply for monetization as well (not that I bank on...
  2. MrPeekay


    Now to some this may to small, to some this may be big... To me this is massive :D I am only a small YouTuber who just uploads gaming videos but to think I have 2,000 views? I just want to thank everyone who has watched me :)
  3. CaleoGamingChannel


    Thank you all for your support ! ^_^ Ever since I made my first guide for Terraria, my channel had a big breakthrough! I will keep on making Let's Plays since Terraria only is one out of many games that I play :D So now it is time to do some let's plays of Resident Evil and Hyperdimension...