25 subscribers

  1. Ovidelele

    25 SUBS and 1K VIEWS!

    In one month, i managed to make 25 subscribers and more than 1.050 views.I am really hopeful for the future especially now when i can improve with this great community. Thanks, Ovidiu.
  2. tlegacytv

    I have a quarter of 100 subs and 200 views! Yaay!

    This was originally for getting 20 subs but I had a tiny surge of people find my channel through one of my comments on a Youtube video. It is such a nice boast of motivation when a person finds my channel and finds enjoyment from my dumb animation videos lol but I do it because I love it. I do...
  3. Vango

    Gaming Minecraft Collaboration!

    Hey guys! My youtube channel is Vango Gaming! I am a Teenager, but my voice is not high but not low - it is somewhere in between. [/SIZE] [SIZE=6]Anyways, I am here to say, I would like to make a collaboration with some of you amazing people on Minecraft. I am currently at around 65 subscribers...