2 weeks


    30 subs in first 2 weeks ! ... is that a lot?

    Hey guys, I started doing Youtube 2 weeks ago and have put out quite some videos so far. yesterday i checked and saw that the 30th person subscribed to me and I was glad :) I have no idea how quick channels gain subscribers so i wanted to ask you how your experiences were so far or what your...
  2. NerkGames

    200 Channel Views in 2 weeks!

    I started posting videos on YouTube two weeks ago and I've already got over 200 views on my channel! To me views so more progress than Subscribers do and already having so many people look at my channel and keep coming back is amazing and I want to thank this community for being a part of that...
  3. Kada

    200 subs in first 2 weeks!

    Actually I am very happy about reaching 200 subs in first 2 weeks and thats crazy in my opinion. I got my first subscribers from this forum and looked for some tutorials what helped my channel :) Have a great day everyone!