14 year old

  1. A

    Gaming i am 14 years old and want youtubers/gamers to collab and have fun

    my name is Aaron Fritz i am 14 years old and i need youtubers or gamers who want to create a new youtube channel i have a strategy and ideas to post videos and gain subscribers the requierments are : you have to be 14 years old ,15 and 13 will also be considered most...
  2. styks

    Gaming Xbox1 gaming 13-14years old

    id like to collab but cant do that when I have nobody so help me out and just send me a message also we onley accept 14 years under thank u.
  3. Jknopf277

    Gaming Looking for a group of Youtube friends! (PC)

    Hey everyone, I thought id give it a shot looking for some great small youtubers that either just started or are on the same page as me. Im 14, looking for 14 - 17 year olds, but I can be lenient. I post funny moments videos, possibly lets plays in the future and I play on PC, so I cant collab...