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What Made You "POP"?

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by Darren Taylor, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. Dave2017
    Get The Picture?
    You are doing very good man, no doubt you will see more growth. When my channel did best gaining new subscribers it was because of this one video I made with 3 good reasons to quit school. It did very well a year ago or so and it gained me "a lot" of subs (maybe 10-15 a day) but the video isnt doing that great any more and I see that on my daily subs... That´s life:)
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  2. Darren Taylor
    I've Got It
    That's a good strategy! I'll see if there is anything trending on a digital marketing perspective, but it's just not as sexy as TV shows and vlogging.
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    Thanks! appreciate that. Maybe I need to be happier with where I am and enjoy the journey more, which I am! I'll keep making content and getting better. Thanks!
  3. Yachts For Sale
    Yachts For Sale
    That's a great idea, but you need to be really careful in the execution in my opinion.
    I stopped watching Roberto Blake because he became (again...in my opinion) unbearably self-indulgent with constant references to himself as a successful entrepreneur. I just wanted to hear his advice on digital marketing...not him constantly blowing his own trumpet.
    Authenticity is so important on YouTube, and for me at least it's far more interesting to hear about somebody's struggles in business, the learning curve they have gone through, and to some extent their personal circumstances.
    Tim Schmoyer does this really well. I listen to him for his advice and insight, but I know that he has 8 kids and that his new born had to have an operation on her eye. I know that he was a youth pastor and is quite religious (although he does not push this at all), I also know something about how he grew his business and where he plans to take it.
    For a viewer I think it would be interesting to know more about you - simple stuff like whether you are married, single, in a relationship, gay or straight, whether you are renting a flat and hoping to buy, already own a home and want something bigger, buying a new car...
    To do this you really need to open up your life to the public, but I do believe it will grow your subscriber base and views as a result.
  4. Highfalutin' Low Carb
    Loving YTtalk
    This. All of this. I create evergreen instructional videos. I’ve found that opening up myself beyond the instructional video to more personal information IN ADDITION TO the same everygreen tutorial content is helping me grow. Viewers crave authenticity, and I fought that for a while. I think I strike a decent balance of that now. Or that I am at least headed in that direction.
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  5. duke153
    i get 0,5 sub per day ^^
  6. OldManTenno
    Well-Known Member
    Hey Darren. The "pop" in your niche is probably harder than mine (video game), but the strength in yours is longevity. Your information will be relevant for a long time compared to something like mine.

    I had a couple "pop" moments. One where I did a heavily edited and entertaining video which has the most views by far. The second is very recent and quite frankly, shocking. I have been doing giveaways in game which has been getting me a good amount of subs each week, but this past Friday I announced a video card giveaway. I was at 320 subs on Friday, and am currently at 935 as I write this... and still growing. Since I established myself in the community and also gained a reputation for giveaways, I think this helped give me credibility. Everyone loves hardware, but they'll love it more from someone they like and trust.

    Another element that I forgot to mention is that I incorporate a more comedic element in my videos to keep it entertaining, while still making sure I have data and evidence to support what I'm talking about. This may not be your style, but it seems to work for me because my niche is pretty dry.
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    I think this hits the nail on the head for whatever genre you're giving something instructional. I like seeing some personality and connection to what I'm looking for, but I also want the relevant information. My niche is pretty dry, and a couple youtubers stand out because they seem to have that balance. Coincidentally, the #1 youtuber for my game is the one I think epitomizes that the most, and is probably my biggest inspiration for what I do.

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