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Short Film *Spots filled*

Discussion in 'Short Film' started by LordXemnas XIII, Jul 28, 2017.

  1. LordXemnas XIII
    Kingdom Hearts and Halo
    Hello all I hope you are all doing well! So I have a little gig if people are interested as I need to make a short 2-3 minute video for a class of mine, but I am not allowed to be in the video. In addition to that the schedules of mine and those who live in the same city are colliding. So I come to YTtalk to hire in order to get this short video done.

    If the two people do not live in the same city then we could film the video through webcam.

    The video consist of two people the first being a worker preferably an actor who is Hispanic in origin as the class is a Chicano course. Before any comments on racism I am Hispanic myself. The other actor will be the boss in charge who the worker is trying to get more hours for. More details will be provided when hired. There is no script in the video because the instructor wants the conversation to be as natural as possible so with that in mine this will be sort of an improv project.

    The payment will be $5 per actor as this is a short video and will be paid through paypal once the work is good enough to turn in. Although do not let that scare you away because I am not looking for professional actors but rather just getting the message across.

    If the actors would like a link to the video as it will be a private video I will provide it once the video is uploaded on to YouTube. Proper credits will be given in the video and the description unless opted not to.

    Thank you in advance and I appreciate all who consider!
  2. d4nve9a
    seems like a good idea, its always best to accommodate the actors to the natural personality of the person so that it comes out more natural. remember to always have your characters do stuff in your shots. it drives me crazy to see actors just stand around not doing anything it never seems natural. hope the best for you!

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