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POLL: Are you willing to risk a $42K per video fine by the FTC in order to remain monetized?

Who is willing to risk a 42K per video fine by the FTC in order to remain monetized?

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Jungle Explorer

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Jul 30, 2016
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@Jungle Explorer

I don't see what quoting my statement about the FTC having to go to Congress to get approval for new financial regs has to do with Hoeg Law's video. What I said is true. The FTC has to go to Congress to pass any new regs pertaining to financial conduct.

Your own favorite, Derral Eves, also had a lawyer talk to FTC Commissioners. He has at least the statement from that video about "shooting fish in a barrel" in his as well. I didn't have time to sit through over an hour of split-screen interview; but he also brings up the fact that this was an out of court settlement. Does the video you've embedded also bring up the additional fact that complaints could still be filed against YouTube by individual state jurisdictions?

Whether or not you think that is so doesn't matter. According to the video linked above, compliancy sweeps are in fact set to be done by the FTC starting December 10th; and as individuals, what can we do to stop it other than choose to leave YouTube in favour of another platform, or cease being video creators altogether is the question I ask you today.
I just quoted you to draw your attention to the video that I think is the best one I have seen on the issue thus far. It had nothing to do with what you said in that post. Sorry for the confusion. I should have just cited your name like you did mine.

I like Derral, and I watched that whole video two days ago. It really says nothing new that Derral has not already said many times before in serval other videos on the subject. Honestly, you have to understand that Darell is YT promotion expert. That is what he does. He knows how to get the views. I am not saying he is not sincere about what he is saying, but he is taking advantage of the situation and panic to generate traffic for his channel. I have been a long-time watcher of Darrel's content and know how he works. He is a smart guy and really knows the YT system, but make no mistake, he is ALWAYS promoting his channel more than anything else. He has been cranking out COPPA related videos at a breakneck pace, and I have watched them all. They are mostly just repackaged videos that share the same essential information, which amounts to nothing more than hollow information with no teeth in it. Derral's tactic is to keep you on the hook throughout his videos by using the Carrot of the promise of "New Information" that he is going to give you at some point in the video. Of course, when he finally does give you the carrot, it is nothing that you did not know or that he has not told you before. This is a highly effective marketing technique and many people in marketing use it, but I see right through it and it turns me off to the creator, because it causes me to distrust their motivations for sharing the information.
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