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Commentary Neo-Reality Podcast looking for potential guests!

Discussion in 'Commentary' started by Neo-Reality Entertainment, Jul 18, 2017.

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    Back in April, I started a Podcast, which is an extension of the My Thoughts/Our Thoughts series, back in April since one of my friends moved away, called Neo-Reality Podcast, with another friend as the first guest, then I attempted to find another guest for the next few months, and finally launched the second episode just a week ago.

    Now, I wanted to do a third episode, I've covered FanFiction, and Star Wars Legends (Old Republic Era), which you can find on my Channel, and the next topic is either a Video Game (Maybe Mass Effect: Andromeda since I just finished that), or Wrestling (WWE). I do have another guest lined up but time on his front are preventing it.

    Also I have a job on Tuesday to Friday every week, so I'll on be able to an episode Saturday to Monday just FYI, but I can do the episode on Wednesday-Friday if I have the time.

    + Skype or Google Hangouts. (Preferably Skype)
    + Twenties.

    If you wish to participate reply back to the forum and I will send a message to see if you meet the requirements.

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