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Voice Acting Need male VA with a Film Noir-style voice

Discussion in 'Voice Acting' started by Rowan Oakley, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Rowan Oakley
    Liking YTtalk

    I run a channel of positive/uplifting/soothing/comedic short story narrations and need someone to read a comedic Noir flash-fiction as part of a revitalisation of my channel. If you think you'd fit the bill, please respond to me by email at thesaturdaystorytellers@gmail.com, sending me a sound clip of the following story sample:

    "I lit a cigarette. Technically it should have been impossible because we were underwater, but I found a way. I'm Dolphin Jones, Undersea Investigator, and I'll do whatever it takes to get the job done. Show me a hoop and I'll jump through it. Hell, I'll do a flip."

    So, to qualify you need:

    - the ability to make a high-quality sound recording of your voice
    - to sound like a jaded, very experienced Private Investigator.
    - to be able to provide me with the recording within two weeks from the time I give you the go-ahead after hearing your sound sample. The whole story's about 500 words long.


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