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My channel has been unknowingly claimed by a network?

Discussion in 'YouTube Video Monetization & Partnership Forum' started by Jordan Pike, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. Jordan Pike
    YTtalk Mad
    Hey guys,

    I noticed a while back that my channel has been claimed by a network called 'tunesat label' and I'm not totally sure why (this is what it tells me on socialblade). I assume it's because of a content ID claim that was made on one of my videos because of music I used. Does this effect my channel? Is this a real network claim? Is it effecting my monetization? Anyone have any info on this for me? Thanks so much!

  2. KatyAdelson
    I Love YTtalk Moderator
    I've moved this to the YouTube Monetization / Partnership discussion forum. ^_^
  3. Ewan Wilson
    YTtalk Mad
    Almost every ID claim gets removed after about a month. Then you should have full access to monetisation, shouldn't effect the channels appearance of gaining of subs. Just will be in history for you and I think it's if you get 2 more your video may be taken off. Tunesat is a company which users can claim copyright on their songs and earn money from it. I did some research for you, but also search Tunesat youtube partnership, may come up with something there. Check this out this is Tunesat:

    What is TuneSat?
    TuneSat is is an independent audio monitoring service. TuneSat’s unique audio recognition technology monitors hundreds of TV channels , helping rightsholders collect millions of dollars that otherwise would have been lost.

    Why was TuneSat created?
    Up to 80 percent of music on TV goes unreported to performance rights societies (PROs) due to the manual reporting process. Tracking and monetizing music performances with any level of accuracy has been nearly impossible, until now. TuneSat was created by composers to address these large non—compliance issues, and to help rightsholders get paid what they’re due.

    TuneSat’s service provides transparent music performance data to all rightsholders, regardless of size. TuneSat subscribers use this valuable data to recover lost royalties, protect their copyrights, and gain unparalleled business intelligence.

    Who uses TuneSat?
    TuneSat is for anyone who wants to track their music or audio content on TV and/or the Internet, for any reason. If you believe that you are not being compensated properly for these uses of your music, TuneSat can help.

    I probably think that this claim will go after 30 days or so. If not maybe speak to Tunesat themselves.

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