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I want to change the way I vlog

Discussion in 'Strategies & Technique Advice' started by Veecharlie, Feb 11, 2018.

  1. Veecharlie
    Active Member
    Hey guys!

    I have decided to make some big changes to my channel, have been looking for feedback and I already have some points I really want to get myself working on.

    However, I still need A LOT of opinion and help.

    The biggest thing I want to really improve in my channel is audience retention. It really depends what video, I get between 20% up to 50% audience retention. 50% is not bad at all in my opinion, but sometimes I really can't understand my mistakes. I have a list of all the things I want to change including better hooks and intros, no more shaky cameras, etc. But I'd like to focus mainly with audience retention here, is the one I really need help with.

    I have been trying to experiment with B-roll and "interactive" content, however, it didn't really quite work out yet. Many times I have to face the problem that the content I'm talking is quite difficult to show these.
    If I'm reviewing some product, it's really easy, but if I'm talking about tips and help topics I really get out of ideas.
    I'm mainly trying to see this problem from a viewer's point of view, not statistically. I want to be able to entertain them better and let them be engaged with my video.

    I'm a drummer, I share help/tips and vlog about my drum life.

    How can I improve this? Please take in mind the small niche I'm into, and the content I'd like to deliver.
  2. PictureFIT
    Super Poster
    Look at your retention analytics. What parts of the video are your viewers dropping off? It might be a good idea to focus on these areas and see if you can do something to either make it more captivating/entertaining or lead your viewers to another of your videos via a card. Generally, just gradually improving content can improve retention. If retention tends to still hover within a certain percentage, then I would embrace the use of cards more so than continuously throwing ideas at it. As for now, doesn't hurt to try to tinker future videos in the areas that exhibit the greatest drop-off. Some ideas would be to create a call-to-action to keep viewers wanting to engage (e.g. let me know in the comments if X, or throw a poll up) or cut into a different, easier-to-follow topic for a short while and then jump back in.

    Or maybe try to embrace shorter videos. Do more cuts in your talks to get the point across quicker and work on delivering information with the fewest words you possibly can.
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