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How can I move my editing software to another computer?

Discussion in 'Video Editing, Recording, Software & Hardware' started by professornigel, Sep 10, 2017.

  1. professornigel
    I've Got It
    So I recently built a PC and I need to move my editing software from my laptop to this computer... It's movie studio platinum and I have no idea if I can just re-download it so if there's a way to just transfer it from my laptop onto this PC thats what i am looking for!
  2. Farley Productions
    Pursuing the Arts one step at a time.
    To my knowledge there is no way to just transfer software. But there is a way for you to re-download it and enter in the product key (you already have) from the website and/or disc.

    The other option if you've already used up all your keys was to turn off the internet access for the software after it's reinstalled to give you some time to use all the features before getting a new product key. Mainly if there is any updates that you'd like to have for it.

    Hope that helps. =]
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