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[HELP]Political (Faceless) channel ideas

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by Erik Jones, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Erik Jones
    what is going on YT’rs!

    I have a political Instagram where I post conservative memes. It currently sits at 36k followers and I want to leverage this platform to launch into YT.

    What are some good video ideas where I don’t have to be on camera?

    It needs to be political in nature but also humorous.

    I am really struggling with great ideas on how to make this work.

    Max respect guys
  2. Xaenca
    Loving YTtalk
    Hey, I watch a lot of political videos from both conservative and liberal parties... Yeah, I don't swing but just lay flat in the center because I like to be educated and listen to both sides equally and make my own judgments, which usually end up being half and half, but lately slightly right leaning this past week lol... this might just be due to a bad string of debates I listened to where the left arguments didn't stand up as well even when the general belief was what I believed. I digress...

    When you mention that you want things to be humorous, Steven Crowder comes to mind, and no camera, Sargon of Akkad comes to mind. What you're looking for is something between what those 2 do, so I'd check them out to get ideas.
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