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Vlog Collabin' My Dudes!

Discussion in 'Vlogs & Vloggers' started by Frisky Brisket, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. Frisky Brisket
    I've Got It
    Hey Guys!

    So check this out. I started a VLOG series earlier this year about my adventures moving from the Southeast of the United States (Knoxville, Tennessee), where I lived for 19 years, to the Northeast, near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After the move I began exploring the area in Pennsylvania where I now live as part of my adventures. It's mostly car rides, walks to different locations, and random discussions while I check things out. I've had old friends on the VLOG series, and I even have a coworker that sometimes joins me as she has an adventurous spirit as well. :). I call the series "Southern Yankee"

    I'm looking for others to have fun collaborating with on my adventures, and maybe we can totally help each other out on our channels and VLOGS. In any case I'm always looking to make cool and fun new friends to go on adventures with!

    Maybe we could go hangout somewhere sometime and see how things go. :).

    If you're interested let me know.

    Later cool dudes! :).

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