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Channel Giveaway/Contest planning

Discussion in 'Scripts, Script Writing, Video Ideas & Planning' started by Ed Ricker, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Ed Ricker
    Hi all,
    Hope this is the best forum directory for this post.

    My YT channel is a vlog channel revolving mainly around drones and drone videography. In a few days I'll be reaching 10,000 subs on my channel and after probing them about what they want to see for a milestone video, a drone accessory giveaway seemed to be the most popular and feasible idea.

    I've lined up a few small companies to sponsor items for the giveaway, so the total amount of winners will be 5. However, I still can't decide whether the giveaway will be a TRUE GIVEAWAY or if I should ask subscribers to post a video DOING SOMETHING for the giveaway.

    My DO SOMETHING idea: upload a video of you completing a few pre-determined manual maneuvers with your drone, upload it to YouTube and link back to me. Five random submissions will win one of the items.

    QUESTION: will this alienate or hurt the feelings of some of my subscribers? Not everyone owns a drone yet, and some people may not be comfortable enough with their drone to even attempt the challenge. Also excludes the people who may have ordered the drone and are still waiting for delivery of it (perhaps the people who will benefit the most from the items in the giveaway).

    What are your thoughts? Any insight or help would be very appreciated.

    Ed R.

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