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Comedy An Open letter for a Project which will change our life

Alex Nguyen

Aug 8, 2017
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Hi everyone,
I am Alex, Leader of BrainStorm.
We are launching a project that could be the thing change the future of this business. We would rather build a social media multichannel network included a Youtube channel, a Facebook fanpage,a Twitter page,etc.
It's based on original cartoon characters.They love to tell about life,joke on celebrities, play with general knowledges,bla bla. They are cute, sometime are dumbass,sometime are genius. I mean, they are kind of Albert Einstein x Kevin Hart.
We have a solid plan to launch this project.Unfortunately, We are a team from Vietnam, Our English skills are terrible. We could not understand how to make American/English joke extremely. We do not have a funny and fluent English voice. That's why we need you who have funny voice, talented on making people laugh to help our script,our content funnier.
You could work from home,no need to go anywhere.
We can't imagine seeking a partner is so hard like this. Month by month, we haven't found any suitable candidates. We are disappointed. We even think of giving it up. It's depressed scenario to us, to our effort.
This project will be invested 50k$+.
no Giant Media Empire can growing in certain time
It needs 6 months to 2 years to have their own audience.
You are talented but you don’t have patience, you won’t make anything
Could you please join with us or introduce someone who would love to join.
Thank you so much. We're appreciate your support.
Best Regards,
BrainStorm Team.
email: br.admin@the24tech.com
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