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After The Network...

Discussion in 'YouTube Networks, Monetization and Partnerships' started by UKHypnotist, Aug 20, 2016.

  1. UKHypnotist
    I Love YTtalk
    Mods may want to sticky this thread; as I don't think it is duplicate content, and will be helpful to members who are with a network in the long run.

    When you ask to leave a network, if it is a contract-bound with a low revenue split (i.e., 60-40), they may try to get you to remain a member via a new contract with a "better" revenue split (i.e., 70-30, 75-25). If this happens, make sure to read that new contract carefully; preferably with someone familiar with contract law available to help decipher the legalese.

    Yes, I know the details are supposed to be "confidential between the member and the network"; but until it is signed, that confidentiality clause can be safely ignored to a point, in the interest of learning your own best interests. Nor do I think you can be penalized for getting legal counsel on the clauses contained in the contract before signing same. Check this with an actual lawyer.

    If you are not offered a new contract, or if you refuse a new contract offer, make sure it is clear when you will receive your final payment. The next payment cycle post-exit is usual.

    You should receive an email from the network as you are disconnected. When you get it go to your YouTube ASAP. You will find a blue banner in your Creator Dashboard stating your network has released you, and you must re-enable monetization in order to be paid.

    In addition, you will need to re-associate your Adsense account: this is extremely important. YouTube no longer does a "back-bonus" for channels who monetize without connecting to Adsense immediately, so not connecting your channel means you lose money.

    Now comes the hard part, at least for those channel owners who have hundreds of videos.

    All but your most recent uploads will have been de-monetized at the moment of unlinking. You will need to re-monetize each and every one of those videos by selecting all on a page and from the Actions menu in your Video Manager, select "Monetize" as your action of choice. That Bulk Actions menu will be your best friend here!

    I hope this post will be of assistance to forum members in process of exiting a Multi-Channel Network, or MCN.
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  2. maddenchump
    Active Member
    Well I'm not apart of any network or anything but I agree this is very good advice that could help alot of ppl
  3. Crown
    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Administrator
    moved to the tutorials section. :)
  4. zaffron
    I Love YTtalk
    Thanks a lot for sharing your personal partnership experience with MCN. These are very valuable tips and worth to consider especially when somebody think to join any youtube network.
  5. Rafij Rahman Rohan
    Be Yourself
    Thanks a lot for the info man....honestly it's helps me a lot....keep up the good work :)

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