1. Mo Salah

    Basic YouTube Channel Requirements - How To Become A YouTuber

    In this video we will show you how to become a YouTuber and what equipment do you need to be a YouTuber. Learn how to start a YouTube channel from nothing and what are the best YouTube creator suggestions and tips.
  2. RinneCosplay

    What do you all think of my content?

    Hello everyone! I'm new in this forum so nice to meet you all! My name is RinneCosplay and l'm just your average girl who loves to make content for everyone in the world to see! I create content from various topics such as Gaming, Vlogging, Dancing, Reacting and many more! I love all things...
  3. C

    How do I promote my YouTube videos

    So I have been on and off with YouTube I would upload then private my videos because I don’t see any progress but now I’m actually trying but I’m confused where else I could promote my videos other then my social media
  4. V

    Get your videos rewarded accodingly!

    Hi, everyone! :blush: We’re VlogBox — a global video content distribution and monetization company driven to bring high monetization profits to creative video bloggers and YouTubers! :coolshades: In the era of cord-cutters advanced TV is dominating the digital world, so we are up to help you...
  5. C

    Gaming Looking for small YouTube group(pc) to collab

    Hello my name's Sean , I'm from Singapore, a chinese Asian (LOL). I will prefer people who are closer to my timezone, but if u guys are interested I'm willing to discuss the playing time to see where we can find room for it. Other than that my only requirement is really to be mature (things...
  6. The Bloody Nine

    Which Do You Like? Master Rank Warden - For Honor Outfit Montage

    So I decided to make a video showcasing my current three Warden outfits in For Honor. Let me know which one you like the most! Also, let me know if you like this kind of video. If so, I'll make a fashion video with my Highlanders as well. Also, let me know if you have any ideas for an...
  7. Dixieee_

    Being a Youtuber when you have roommates..

    Hi guys! So I feel like I have a problem. I really want to work on my channel, but the issue is that I have 2 other roommates. I dont know them, but have of course talked a little with them but they dont know Im doing this. And its very easy to hear through the doors here, so I feel awkward...
  8. AverageBrino

    Home alone.

  9. DmsqOTI

    Dark Souls Challenge Run!

    First time trying to do a live commentary of sorts, with some light editing, let me know what I could do better! thanks :)
  10. Jamie Gillan

    New to YouTube

    hi everyone Hope everyone is well. I set up my channe around 7 weeks ago and have posted 1-2 videos per week. I make weekly vlogs, hauls and other things. Lootcrate unboxing too. Your support and advice on my channel would be absoloutely appreciated. Thanks!
  11. Stoner Gamer

    Gaming (Xbox One)YouTube vs Youtuber Collaboration

    I've just had this idea. I'll be getting Fifa 19 on release date (cant afford the early access) :) I was thinking of starting a Youtuber vs Youtuber series, where every week I challenge a new youtuber to a match. If there's any one here that plays Fifa on Xbox hit me up if your interested.
  12. Sketch30Films

    10 subscribers...making the big...videos?

    But seriously thanks to the 12 people who at least found me somewhat enjoyable to watch.. I do have a plan for when I reach 50 subs, but that all depends on if people choose to subscribe to me. 12 aint too shabby thought
  13. Sketch30Films

    Man Imperfect: A Dude Perfect Parody of Sorts

    This is my video which is a parody of dude perfect. I actually hurt myself filming at the end... for the views!
  14. iGamerYT

    What do you guys think of my channel trailer?

    So, I created my first channel trailer. I just wanted your opinion on everything about it. Does it keep you interested and engaged? Did you watch the whole thing? Did it make you giggle? How was the audio, picture quality? Stuff along those lines. FIRE AWAY!
  15. kenziecantdraw

    Best ways to promote videos?

    Hey everyone! I just started posting my first videos this week and I'm just wondering about the best ways to promote your videos? How do you guys promote your videos? Thanks in advance for any help :) -McKenzie
  16. Poondeh

    Gaming Channel Review

    I'm gonna say right now outright. I know I'm new. Well, sorta. I had a YouTube channel before this one and I would call it a semi-success (800 subs or so). I wanted to start fresh since I wanted to make different content, and found a new channel to be a better answer. Most of my old channels...
  17. BrownyGamingTime

    Gaming 7 Days to Die players needed

    so my friends and i just setup our own 7 days to die server and now we are looking for people who want to play on it. We are all Youtubers/Twitch streamers with the majority of us being from UK. Add me on discord for more info or if u wanna join us: Browny#3873
  18. J

    I think its interesting,a lot of YouTuber's live's are spiralling out of control.(opinion's please)

    Do you think the fame and money can be bad for these people that just seems to be having one drama/disaster after another or are these YouTuber's just in it for the wrong reason's and that's why there such a mess?
  19. Ellythium

    Gaming New peeps to collab with

    Hello! I am open for any games from Racing, First Person Shooters, to horror. I am open to all of them :D Platform: I am a PC gamer. Timezone: EST Age: 16+ Subscribers: 191 Channel: Ellythium I would love to have new people to game with and to make videos with. I love meeting new people and...
  20. TextedHD

    Gaming Looking for YouTubers to Make Funny Moments Videos With! [XBOX]

    Hey people that have pressed on this thread You may be wondering what games I have, and to name a few -Black Ops 3 -Rocket League -Rainbow Six Siege -Fortnite -WWII -Ark Survival -Mortal Kombat X -Sea of Thieves -The Division -Left 4 Dead 2 -State of Decay 2 -Overwatch -GTA V -Monster Hunter...
  21. E

    Gaming collaboration / gaming needed/ elgato

    hello fellow youtubers im a 15 yo who's starting out a gaming channel looking for some friends to record with im a small channel ,myself with only 17 subscribers im looking to collab with gaming channels thats starting the same amount as me or it dont matter really hehe but not only to collab...
  22. A

    Lifestyle Collab

    Hey everyone! My name is Anna Gibbons and I am a lifestyle vlogger on youtuber. I am 22 years old and am looking to collab with other vloggers like me!
  23. OndaWire

    VidCon 2018 Quick Recap

    Follow me on YouTube and Facebook at "OndaWire" for more. VidCon 2018 was an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! This was my first VidCon and it's definitely a must attend event either if you are small Creator, Big Creator or simply just posting on YouTube, TopBuzz, Facebook, Instagram TV, Twitter, Vigo...
  24. CM_lectric

    Gaming Looking for Minecraft Youtuber! Server Partnership Series!

    Hey! I'm new to these forums, so hopefully I am posting in the right place. I own a minecraft server called Atomix Prison and have been working hard over the past year to bring it to life. After numerous updates and improvements, I am finding that the life in a server comes from much more than...
  25. Safwan Foy

    Facing my fears.

  26. MetricateGames123

    Meet Up/Gathering Manchester YouTubers! I'm calling you out!

    Hey my fellow Manchester creators (if any) I'm searching for talent within the Manchester area. I've been at it all day. Through Google searches, YouTube searches, forums. You name it. Everything I've found so far seems to be left in the past (to the point that nobody that was searching for...
  27. D

    Gaming Looking To create a Streamer/Gamer Group.

    Hello, i have recently started a twitch channel where i am playing a mixture of games. i am looking into having a server filled with streamer/youtubers where all content creators can collaborate with one another. If possible i am going to create a second channel with some people where we can do...
  28. Layzmozes

    Gaming Pc Gaming (mainly the forest)

    Hi i'm Nathan and i'm 15 i have 180 subscribers you cant be a squeaker (no offense) you have play on PC (i can game share with you if necessary) you have to be open to some dark humor, and memes I just want to have fun and help people grow, and maybe the same could happen to me.:) These are...
  29. ArsenalGamer

    Gaming PS4 YouTubers

    hey guys, I am Cryptic, and I am looking for people to record with people who are pretty chill requirements -have a pretty good mic - has discord or some sort of communication(so I know if there a problem with recording) -is mature and isn't a kid -is a dedicated and hardworking youtuber post...
  30. E

    How should I set up my paypal?

    I'm a small youtuber, so I don't think I should connect my paypal to my youtube, but I was going to make one, so I wanted to know, should I create a Business or a Personal paypal account for whenever I do connect my paypal to my youtube. What are the pros and cons of each type, and which one...