screen recorder

  1. Stata Training School

    Screen recording

    What software is everyone using for screen recording?
  2. Julia and Claire

    Which screen recorder? Want to film reaction

    We want to film a reaction video where we have the video we are watching in the corner of the screen, and us watching that video live. We've heard Quicktime has a screen recorder, which we've tried, but it's extremely jerky. We've also tried a few other screen recorders that were pretty basic...
  3. P

    OBS Video Help

    Hello, I have been trying to record Roblox YouTube videos with OBS. But when I record then re-watch it, the video is frozen and is only 3 seconds long. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Or is there anyway to fix it at all? If not, can someone recommend me a really good screen recorder...
  4. CandyPhantom

    Fraps or Camstasia?

    I've been contemplating on what screen capture software I'm gonna use now. I am previously using Fraps but I'm considering Camstasia too. In your opinion, which do you think is better to use?
  5. MeltedPebbles

    Is X-Split worth the cost?

    So I need to invest in a better screen recorder because I do not want to deal with the audio issues of the current one I use. Is X-Split worth the cost? It's only 2 dollars a month but I would rather not subscribe to it if it is not worth it. Thanks in advance!
  6. chriphonestas

    Camera is better or screen recorder is enough?

    How is the best way to make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad? Is it better to use a screen recorder or camera is better? anyway, I can just make a video tutorial for iPhone / iPad by using a screen recorder only. Please advised :")