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  1. TheMercenaree

    THE END OF CIA | Hyrule Warriors: Part 26

    We finally take out Cia once and for all in this episode. It's exciting and we even fail once. NOTE: Sorry that the facecam audio quality is kinda bad. I tried to fix it, but i couldn't. Completely unintentional.
  2. TheMercenaree

    DEATH BY A HAWK | Twilight Princess HD: Part 8

    This episode of Twilight Princess HD is full of stuff happening. Midna needs a sword and shield and apparently, we are killed by a hawk?!?!? Eh, just watch the video.
  3. TheMercenaree

    New-ish Gaming Channel

    What's up everybody? I'm TheMercenaree. I make gaming videos of Nintendo games. Currently, I'm doing two playthroughs: one of Twilight Princess HD and one of Hyrule Warriors. I'm currently trying to grow and your help will be greatly appreciated. My Channel...
  4. Soph

    Beauty/Makeup Small YouTubers to support one another?

    Hello Ladies, I am just looking for friendly ladies or guys that are, like me, still babies on the YouTube world to kind of support one another and give some constructive criticism as to what to improve or what to do? If you are interested, just let me know and I will take a look at your...
  5. ParanoiaOrigins

    The House of Wolves Gaming Channel

    I'm new youtuber with my channel "The House of Wolves Gaming" and i'm here so i can find help to grow my channel into a big gaming family that i site as be set on. My starting goals are to start a YouTube channel, then reach 1,000 subscribers 4,000 views, but while doing that also do some...
  6. Court

    Other [New Youtuber] Pokemon collab?!

    Since its getting close to the 20th year of Pokemon, i thought it would be fun to do a Pokemon video! Maybe we could go over our favorite Pokemon town's myths or whatever! (Will go into it more if anyone is interested. ) I think i need to add this info in. Age: 22 I would talk over skype, ill...
  7. DinomiteFTW

    What am i doing WRONG?

    I started YT about 5 months ago and yet i feel like im growing very slow. I've been stuck aroun 180 Subs and i was wondering if i can get honest feedback on what can improve my channel? my user is DinomiteFTW
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