yt gaming collab

  1. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF PS4 |18+ Collab Recruitment!

    Me and my friend OG_BNETT need 3-4 other youtubers with ps4's to help create more fun, funny, random, any other type of gaming content. LF YouTubers that has and uses a PS4, to collab with me and my friend. What does our collaboration consists of? I would like to make a lot of PS4...
  2. ViciousTNT

    Gaming PC collab 20+

    Hey ladies and gentleberries, About me: 25/M/Denmark Channel: Search for Vicious TNT Subs: 65 as of this morning Games: Majority decision Voice: Discord Message: Looking for guys and gals in their 20s or 30s to join for some fun collab times. I don't expect you to commit to anything, let's...