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  1. A

    New Channel New Ideas!!!

    Hello guys! Im here to create a discussion about new ideas that people should do about comedy or with skits! Any ideas will be looked at and I myself may recreate them and tag you, your yt or you name! Goodluck and have fun!
  2. B

    Request Looking for someone to make me a free banner or logo

    Hello I'm looking for someone who can make a a banner and a logo if someone dose make me one make me a scary banner and logo if you do My discord Itz_Brandon_MC#7370 Skype Itz_Brandon_MC
  3. Paranoia_Origins

    Gaming LF PS4 |18+ Collab Recruitment!

    Me and my friend OG_BNETT need 3-4 other youtubers with ps4's to help create more fun, funny, random, any other type of gaming content. LF YouTubers that has and uses a PS4, to collab with me and my friend. What does our collaboration consists of? I would like to make a lot of PS4...
  4. HC.SameerPatil

    What Entertains YOU?

    Hi all, I want to understand the community a little more so I want to know what type of content on YouTube do YOU find interesting and Why???
  5. SirMOCbuilder

    Channel feedback

    Well, most of my videos are in Polish ( I hope some of you can speak this language ) but still I would like to get some feedback from you guys. Here's the link: Thanks for advices!
  6. S

    Need some help with my YT channel.

    Hallo everyone my is ScottMCmove I have a countdown lists channel. I talk about all sorts of topics. If you have the time. Would you like to visit my channel and give me some feedback for my videos? Thanks. ☺