1. Alistair Watts

    Suggestions about software to do film trailer reviews

    Good morning. I would like to start a channel especially about film trailer reactions. I would like to know of the best software that I could use to do split screen videos. Of me on cam playing against a video. Or maybe an android app that I can use? Thanks in advance guys!!
  2. JayPlays

    Is it better to have a facecam in your gaming videos or not?

    Hello guys, ive been thinking about using a facecam lately but im not 100% sure if people would like that. Do people prefer to listen to just a commentary throughout the game or do people like to see the face/reaction aswell throughout the video? i do gaming videos by the way but Please let me...
  3. FoldingNotes

    Other You May Use My Stuff For Remixing

    I have decided to license my, photos, and artwork under the Creative Commons Attribution as a service to everyone around here and the Internet. All you need to do is credit me, and that's all. The Internet is lacking a few things to be honest, including good content, so I am deciding to break...