youtube support

  1. TeeDottie1

    Kinda bummed out :( plz help

    Well, we lost most of our viewers.. went through hard times, and decided to come back.. we have several new videos.. that are amazing yet nobody watches them. It sucks.. Nobody even comments on my forums when I ask for advice... maybe i should just give up.. I got 0 support man, the subscribers...
  2. milesgamix77

    My youtube channel is being Harrassed and Raided!

    I need major major help! My youtube channel is being RAIDED. This raid is not just some 2 dislike raid. its REALLY bad. I am getting 15+ dislikes on my videos all because I had different views about a game in steam disscussions. My channel and reputation is being ruined by assholes and scum on...
  3. KpopIsEternal

    would you rather...

    If you were to watch my channel, would you rather.. reaction videos or watch edited ones with things put together? I've been thinking about this but because I don't have many subscribers it's hard t ask them what type of content they'd like to see. Maybe you can help me :)
  4. T

    How do i contact youtube support?

    Hi guys! I'm new here and i really need help ASAP! How do i contact youtube support? I am verified and i am a partner! I just can't find their support email! Please help.up
  5. AG99

    Why can't I unpublish videos from my channel feed?

    Hi Guys! I am trying to unpublish a number of videos from my channel feed but every time I hide them they just re-appear when I refresh. I have even deleted the videos in question but nothing works! Is this a glitch? Or is there some other solution to this problem! Would you love to get an...