youtube subs

  1. K

    How do I get 1000 views on YouTube as fast as possible, as a beginner?

    There are different ways to use in order to multiply your subscribers number. Share your videos on various social media These includes Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter,… please remember to ask people to subscribe to you at the end of the link you send them. Ask for subscribers on your videos For...
  2. A

    How can i get 1000 subs on youtube?

    I've been doing youtube for a little while now and have not seen much of a growth in subs/views. My goal is to someday reach 1000 subs, what are some great tips for reaching that goal? My youtube channel is Averagemike, the profile pic is a Yoshi egg, if you see my profile, you can see that I...
  3. Akram

    No One is watching my Videos

    Hi everyOne , im serching for a way to reach audiences for my Starting Youtube channl , Starting with 4 vidoes and 0 subscribers, any ideas ? Big thanks
  4. DESiqn

    Gaming Call of Duty: WWII Colab/Team

    Hello Gamers! I would like to start a group/team of gamers when the new Call of Duty comes out. I am currently a graphic designer so I can hook our team up with the designs! The content I'm looking for is funny content as well as pub stomping gameplay. I'd like to recruit YouTubers that I see...
  5. KantoGaming

    Random jump in subs

    So I just did a live stream on my YouTube channel, like I do every weekend. Before I started the livestream I was at 715 subs, and then during the stream a subscriber of mine pointed out in the chat that my sub count was going up like crazy So I looked and I gained like 15 subs randomly...