youtube scam

  1. Dave2017

    New Youtube scam. Watch Out!!

    I uploaded a new video the other day and I got an e-mail from “YouTube” telling me to stop spamming my channel with videos or else they would shut it down This is the video I uploaded: So I get suspicious when I get a mail from Youtube asking me for my e-mail address and password?? What the...
  2. Failproductions

    Response to a DMCA Counter notice?

    I built my channel up to 5000 subs over the course of 6 months. Another channel literally copied my videos and edited them slightly~ I filed a DMCA takedown notice. The channel I filed against filed a "counter notice" and also they filed a take down notice against me!!! I filed a counter...
  3. Talooka

    WARNING: Scam Email

    Copy/pasted from a Facebook YouTube group I'm in based in Michigan: SCAM EMAIL: I know the majority of you know how to spot a scam email, but for some of you new people I wanted to share this. THIS is a photo of a FAKE email. They want you to click that link and try to hack your account...
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