youtube feedback

  1. L

    Good first videos and customized thumbnails but low amount of views, what should I do next?

    I very much appreciate it if you can give me an honest review of my new gaming channel. Why am I getting low amount of views is it the logo, cover image, videos or something else? Please tell me from your experience or opinion. Hope you guys have a great day and taking care of your closest...
  2. KantoGaming

    Tacky thumbnails

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to take a look at my channel and tell me if my new thumbnail style looks tacky. I have some white borders around the test and bright colors. Idk why but I get a tacky feel for them. If you look at some of my previous thumbnails they are very clean...
  3. KantoGaming

    New thumbnails

    Hey tubers! I have been changing the way I make my thumbnails in my last couple of videos. I did a lot of research and I read that simple is better. So I've been making them bigger and brighter, with one word text. Opinions? You can see my old thumbnails on the channel too to compare
  4. J0eyy

    Thoughts on my newer content?

    I had just uploaded a video with a bunch of new editing and thumbnail design, if you could please go take a look at it for me, that would mean a bunch and please post your feedback below, I want my editing/GFX making skills to be on point! Here is the video :)
  5. UndergroundSeries

    Need Feedback (Created my First Intro)

    So I have a dutch gaming channel and I created this intro. It look cool for me but I am not sure about others. So what do you all think
  6. FunWithTheBugs

    Toy Reviews and Family Vlogs - Would Love Some Feedback on our Channel

    Hi all, we started our YouTube journey about 5 months ago and our channel really evolved from from where we started. We originally just started making videos with knowing nothing about anything really. No skills or experience with video editing or graphics at all. Was just my son and me behind...
  7. C

    could you guys help me and maybe give me some feedback?

    i have a youtube channel with 200+ subscribers but i lose 1 each day and its pretty heartbreaking, if anyone could check out my channel and possiably give some feedback? i would really appreciate it. my channel link:
  8. KantoGaming

    Top 5 Ghost Pokemon!

    Hey Pokemon Trainers! I just posted a new Top 5 video about Ghost Pokemon to get in the spirit of Halloween! I have only done one other Top 5 video, and I think I did a lot better on this one! I would appreciate some feedback on the video, good and bad! Thanks so much!:)
  9. S

    Review request

    Hello, I'm a new member as you can probably guess. I'm a 13 year old girl who is obsessed with bath bombs, candles and YouTube. I started a channel and the videos aren't that good but I'm learning as I go. I would love some feedback in areas I could improve. I know sound and lighting definitely...
  10. HomerDoesGaming

    Could I Have Some Feedback?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering if any professionals or anyone in general would be willing to give me some feedback on my channel? I am stuck in the 100-200 subscribers range and i do lots of YouTube tips but i dont seem to be growing. Would someone mind having a look at my channel and giving me some...