youtube feedback help

  1. C

    could you guys help me and maybe give me some feedback?

    i have a youtube channel with 200+ subscribers but i lose 1 each day and its pretty heartbreaking, if anyone could check out my channel and possiably give some feedback? i would really appreciate it. my channel link:
  2. Kieran TV

    Let's Give Each Other Feedback And a Review! - Kieran TV

    Hi guys, my name is Kieran TV. I am a 13 year old YouTuber, Gamer and Year 8 Student. Today I suggest we should help each other grow our channels, help each other improve to become better YouTubers. So if you reply to this, we can give each other a channel review or feedback on each other's...
  3. KingdomSlayerNav

    「GMV/AMV」Can You Feel My Heart

    Just made a GMV/AMV of my favorite game called Kingdom Hearts I would really appreciate it if you check it out and leave some feedback on it, maybe...? Thanks guys! <3 「GMV/AMV」Can You Feel My Heart
  4. J

    How to correctly gain an audience?

    Please share your tips with me and probably others on how to correctly gain an audience. As a small YouTuber I would love to get the assistance you guys can lend me. Thanks! ;]