youtube famous

  1. KerrysWorld

    Made a ‘how to get YouTube fame’ video.. before I’m famous

    So this is an unusual one. I haven’t reached YouTube ‘fame’ in the traditional sense. I don’t have millions of views. But I have pretty good watch time and the comments I’ve been getting have been piling in in the hundreds on every video I’ve made. So I wanted to share my tricks on how I’ve...
  2. TeeDottie1

    Kinda bummed out :( plz help

    Well, we lost most of our viewers.. went through hard times, and decided to come back.. we have several new videos.. that are amazing yet nobody watches them. It sucks.. Nobody even comments on my forums when I ask for advice... maybe i should just give up.. I got 0 support man, the subscribers...
  3. M

    What to expect when becoming "yt famous"

    Hey everyone, So I received a few more comments than usual this morning (which I'm very excited about!) and as I was responding, I got to thinking, what happens when you start receiving even MORE? People who receive hundreds of comments a day and have to also respond to users on other social...
  4. FunWithTheBugs

    Why is it Wrong to Say You Want to be a Famous YouTuber?

    I see it all the time, people always knocking those who say they want to be famous YouTubers. Like it should only be fun and be a hobby and if you get big so be it. Why is it wrong to want to be big on YouTube as ONE of your reasons to have a YouTube channel? Just because someone strives to be...
  5. BrettMikaluk

    Recognized in Public!

    So I was just thinking about it and I was recognized in public once by a complete stranger by my YouTube channel! It was one of the coolest experiences, she asked for a picture and then quickly left and it just felt really awesome! I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience...
  6. Aïcha


    Hey guys, I am youtuber, you can say somewhat new and I want to know if you guys can check me out and give me feedback on what to improve and things like that? YouTube channel : justee_une_fillee
  7. WilBajamas

    Does " Luck " has anything to do with making a channel successful?

    I've been on many forums such as these. And I've come across many people / small channels saying that Big Youtubers get Famous through " Luck ". The L word that many people think it's a necessity for an individual to succeed in life or on Youtube.... Is it true? Please feel free to leave...