youtube fame

  1. Bgirl Sonia

    Youtube Playlists

    Hi y'all ! I have a random (maybe stupid LOL) question: When we create a playlist, if we put famous videos in it (in relation with your channel theme) and add yours in it, are you likely to be more visible and gain more viewers/subscribers ? It's a random question I have playlists but with...
  2. xxheathermarie

    I DO NOT want YouTube Fame

    Anyone else? I would love to have a steady monthly income from YouTube to help with my rent, etc. But I actually do not want YouTube fame. I look at some creators and just feel bad for them. No privacy, "minions," people idolizing their every move, been stopped in the street, etc. I think it's...
  3. FunWithTheBugs

    Why is it Wrong to Say You Want to be a Famous YouTuber?

    I see it all the time, people always knocking those who say they want to be famous YouTubers. Like it should only be fun and be a hobby and if you get big so be it. Why is it wrong to want to be big on YouTube as ONE of your reasons to have a YouTube channel? Just because someone strives to be...
  4. SaltyPeppers

    How to Become Popular on YouTube

    Successful 'YouTubers' are some of the most talked about people on the internet. How do we become one of the famous YouTubers in the future? Have you ever took the time to check out the most successful YouTubers? What the heck are they doing that we aren't??? Is it really all about the content?