youtube collabs

  1. J

    Gaming Making a Youtube Group

    I am looking for 1-4 youtuber's to help me start my channel, I do not care how much subscribers/views you have any will do. (Rules below) Age- 10+, I play a whole variety of games but for my channel I'm aiming for a kids community. Games: Any game, Mainly Minecraft but I can record other games...
  2. Dibge

    Gaming Ended

  3. Hift

    Gaming Looking for a small recording group

    Hello, I'm Hift, Me and a couple friends are looking for a YouTube group, not a large group. We are not looking for fame just looking for a fun time playing games. There some requirements but they're pretty typical: Good Microphone Fast running computer Headphones (so we can't here gameplay...
  4. C

    Gaming I have 250 subs and am looking for a collab on ps4

    I don't mind how big your channel is, I would prefer it to be around my size but if your new to youtube I will be more than happy to collab and help you get your first 100 as I know its a hard milestone. I play GTA, FIFA, fortnite(I have save the world) Minecraft(but will only do trolling videos...
  5. HiftyNifty

    Looking for friends to collab with

    I'm HiftyNifty, I had the occasional friends to record with, none of them where really "friends" that would stick around threw the rough times threw YouTube, most of them only care about views and subscribers, I have couple friends to record with but we want a bigger group to record with, we're...
  6. I

    Gaming Looking for People to Collab with on PC

    Hey thanks for stopping by and reading this. Im new to youtube and just looking for some friends to make some funny videos with! Im only looking for a few things: 1.Good Mic and Recording Environment 2.No one Younger than 15 please. 3. A proper name for your channel (not like Fretch6969) 4...
  7. XxxTh3K1n9xxX

    Gaming Funny Moments Collab :)

    Sup guys? I'm looking for other YouTubers that play on Xbox. I play games such as, GTA V, ARK, Skate 3, Dark souls 3, COD BO 1-3, I also play games on pc such as, GMod, Payday 2, CSGO, Unturned and much more. Thank you guys for your time, you can message me on here, Add me on xbox or steam at...
  8. Mr. Fox

    Voice Acting Looking for Male/Female Voice Actors

    Hiyaa! I'm looking for a male or female voice actors for a project of mine relating to my channel I'm working on. Email Me if Your Interested : Or Comment!
  9. spookayed

    Other Anyone want to do a challenge collab ?

    Hey would anyone be interested in doing a challenge collab with me? I have a few ideas but I want to know your ideas for the collab as well I live in New York so if anyone lives near me and wants to collab let me know thank you !!
  10. EverythingTech360

    Other I want to collaborate on my channel videos

    I want to collaborate to anyone who can promote my YouTube channel video. If anyone interested and want to collaborate with me you can direct reply me on this thread or direct mail me on my email id. All information are given below. It will be great help for us. Email id:
  11. Gaming Bucket 21

    Gaming Looking for Gaming collabs

    Looking for some to collab with the games i have are on pc Gmod DayZ standalone and on ps4 i have minecraft and black ops 3 must have 150+ subscribers must be 13+ must have Skype You can contact me by Skype GamingBucket21
  12. gymiria san

    Gaming pc gaming collabs

    hey everyone,i do video games on pc, and i'v been looking for people to do some collabs and have fun, if you are interesting comment or send me a message on youtube!
  13. SpikeyYT

    Gaming Black Ops 3 - PS4 Collaborations

    Hey guys i wanted to see if anyone wants to do a collab. I am growing very quickly. I would like to do a live commentary. I would want to collab with someone that has about 190+ subscribers on youtube and is very professional. I am also looking for more of a partner to do collabs with so my...