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  1. S

    MY Youtube channel Furniture Guru subscribers reached to 35K

    Earlier my youtube channel was getting 100 to 300 views only. And also my subscribers are also low. Then I read about YouTube seo. I read all abouts its pros and cons. I started applying on my videos and channel. I opimized my Youtube Channel Furniture Guru After that I started receiving 1000+...
  2. J

    Music my own study/relax music

    i made myself an video with music wich is great for on the background when studying or relaxing and clearing your mind.
  3. K

    The Ultimate Method

    I never thought that books might actually help but I was serious about my channel so decided to try it. I will not be losing anything, if I do not like the back I can return it within 60 days and get my money back. This guy shows you the methods he uses and also he has some exercises for the...
  4. Fearless dave

    YouTube Algorithm tips (you might have seen them before)

    1. Post not too long not too short videos 2. MaKe your video around a keyword with less competition and try saYing the keywords in your video. 3. Put the keywords at the beginning of your description. 4. Use captivating titles and thumbnails
  5. A

    I am Armis, a small YouTuber with a dream.

    Hello, everyone. I am Armis and I started my channel about 1 or 2 weeks ago and I have about 3 or 4 videos already and I posted my channel trailer to Instagram as an ad but no one bothered to check out my channel.