1. KaizzyB

    New Year Resolutions? - HAPPY NEW YEARS! <3

    HAPPY NEW YEARS! What is your New Years Resolution? Should we even bother? I wish you all a happy 2017 and I hope you enjoy my new video ❤
  2. Pierre Maynard

    Struggling to get views.

    So iv'e been on YouTube forums for quite a while now, and the one thing i have noticed since iv'e got back on it is im struggling to get views on my channel it's difficult. Also there are a few people on the forums that warn me about promoting my videos or copying and pasting, but to be honest i...
  3. Keenangs

    My Youtube Channel is 7 Years Old!

    On my way to hitting 8 years old. I started this channel when I was only 11. Just three (four?) years after Youtube came out. Uploading just for fun in the old days, but now I'm in it for the game. It took me seven years to achieve 50 subscribers. How long did it take you? I definitely had some...
  4. Martin Clash Games

    My channel

    Hey! My name is Martin or ClashGames and this: , is my YouTube channel! Now, I first started my YouTube channel about four years ago and switched between three different channels. 137 subscribers (my current subscriber count) is the most I got, and I usually got it...