year in review

  1. antonblack

    2017 Review of the Main Events of The Year: It Has Been Quite A Year!

    2017 has been quite a year. From terror attacks to mass protests, these are the biggest news stories, the main events around the World that shaped the year for us all. As the New Year approaches, it seems like every year is dubbed “a year like no other.” But 2017 truly was more dramatic than...
  2. Mr Danny

    NOT 2016 In Review

    After a year of strenous fight, we have finally defeated 2016. Wow. What a battle. Not even Sun Tzu could've defeated that foe easily. But now it's time to NOT look back at this year, and NOT reflect on it's major events and NOT discuss them in a NON-comedic manner.
  3. Mr Danny

    Top 15 Events of 2015

    A dumb 'Year in Review' video. Hope you enjoy! :)